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At Feldstein Family Law Group, we strongly believe that full legal representation is the ideal in any family law case.

At a highly emotional and stressful time, when your children, home, property, and future income may be on the line, you should not have to argue your own case in court, prepare your own legal arguments, or settle your matter without legal advice. Having a lawyer represent you will almost always lead to a quicker and more favorable resolution, with the least amount of stress to you and your children.

But we understand the unfortunate reality: full legal representation is beyond many people’s means.

Many people do not qualify for Legal Aid, but nevertheless find a full retainer amount to be unaffordable. At Feldstein Family Law Group, we don’t believe those people should be prevented from obtaining any legal assistance at all. In the interests of providing access to justice for all family law clients, we are committed to offering unbundled legal services. See the About section for more about our philosophy on unbundled services.

Using the unbundled approach, you can purchase only those services you really need and can afford.

You control the costs in your own case. Visit our Services section to see some of the specific ways we can help, at the least possible cost to you. The information and resources we provide here will help with those aspects of your case you choose to handle yourself.

Our Help Centre is where you’ll find information focused on each family law issue you might be facing. If you’re just considering separation or are negotiating a separation agreement, start with our information on separation. If you are looking for information on child custody, or spousal support, for example, we have sections devoted to those, too. Perhaps you’ve already separated and all you want to do is finalize your divorce, or you want to pursue a divorce and also finalize other issues, like support and custody. Either way, in our Help Centre you’ll find highly detailed information about the law, and practical information about how to ask the court for the relief you are seeking.

If you are forced to represent yourself in court, see Going to Court in Ontario, where we provide practical information you need: court locations, what to wear and how to speak in court, how to negotiate with the other side, and what you need to create an Offer to Settle.

Whether you choose to retain a lawyer on a full service basis, or take the unbundled approach, be sure to read and keep in mind our Tips for Reducing your Costs for some of the ways you can make your separation or divorce proceeding quicker and more affordable. Separation and divorce can be complicated, but they don’t have to be costly, even with legal representation. We’re here to help you.

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