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5 Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Lawyer to Represent Me During My Divorce

People seeking to divorce sometimes either self-represent or hire lawyers they are familiar with who do not practice family law. This can be a very costly mistake – family law is a specialized niche that requires a certain set of skills and experiences that general practitioners and normal people do not have. Having a family law lawyer represent you during your divorce will provide you many benefits:

1. Avoid Litigation and Resolve Disputes Outside of Court.

It is an unfortunate reality that litigation could have been avoided in many cases if a party had hired a family law lawyer instead of one lacking experience in divorce negotiations and settlements. Practicing family law is different from other areas of civil law. General practitioners unfamiliar with divorce-related matters may inadvertently escalate conflict and hostility – especially if the other side finds them aggressive and unwilling to cooperate. An experienced family law lawyer is well attuned to all possible avenues of resolution and will do their best to avoid litigation without seriously compromising your rights.

2. Find a Reasonable and Fair Resolution for Both Parties.

Hostility and antagonism in the divorce process is bad for all parties involved; while one party may win at trial, everyone loses in the end. Successful resolutions in family law matters require cooperation. Even if you and your spouse are hostile towards each other, competent family lawyers will collaborate in your best interests to reach an amicable solution.

Litigation is not only costly in terms of financial expenses, but the stress is severely taxing on your physical and mental health. Animosity will also traumatize children. Often, issues litigated in divorce end with an order that, while is legally correct, may not favorably address your needs and concerns.

Lawyers in family law practices will help you avoid the unnecessary risks of trial. They will employ their knowledge, expertise and experience into finding a fair and reasonable settlement for all parties. They are familiar with the intricacies of family law, understand how the rules apply to your case, and know what you and your spouse are each entitled to. Having the necessary experience to utilize this knowledge effectively, family law lawyers can divert proceedings from the certain lose-lose result of a trial towards a win-win for all parties in mediation and settlement.

3. Save Time and Money.

Having a family law practitioner represent you will save you both money and time in the long run. Preparing all the necessary documents, evidence, and arguments can take one person days or even weeks depending on the complexity of your case. For some people, this can mean having to take time off for work and a significant hit to their pay cheque. Additionally, self-represented parties tend to make mistakes trying to navigate the court process and are often stuck with covering their ex-spouse’s costs (in addition to their own) if or when they lose. Paying a lawyer that practices solely in family law to represent you means that someone will take care of all the complicated paperwork and you can avoid the risk of shooting yourself in the foot.

4. Reduce your Stress Over the Legal Consequences.

With their knowledge and experience, a lawyer well versed in family law will give you an accurate assessment of your available options in every divorce-related matter. Knowing your options and their consequences can minimize anxiety over making important decisions.

You need a clear mind burdened with as little stress as possible making life-altering choices. You can be more confident in your critical decision making when you do not have to worry about whether you’re getting the right advice. You can trust in a family lawyer’s knowledge and experience that you can rely on the choices they present to guide your decision making.

5. You Will Not be Alone in the Divorce Process.

A divorce can be the most draining and stressful emotional rollercoaster of a person’s life. The emotional chaos can easily overwhelm a person’s decision making abilities, which is dangerous when they are making critical choices that will shape their future. With a knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer at your side, you will not be stumbling this dark time alone. A family lawyer understands what you are going through and knows how to relieve some of that burden.

Divorce does not have to consume your entire life. Your divorce lawyer will act as a buffer between you and the other party. You will be kept informed and your lawyer will ensure that the necessities are taken care of. This breathing space can help alleviate a great deal of pressure. Knowing you have competent legal support in this period of upheaval can give you peace of mind and confidence going forward. You can move on with your life during the divorce process while your professional ally is looking out for you and your interests.

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  • Rose Henderson says:

    I can’t imagine how stressful finding a family lawyer must be. Especially since if you need one you are most likely going through a pretty tough time already. I’m sure these tips will help plenty of people though. My friend could use some advice on this matter so I think I will send this her way.

  • Ethel says:

    Having the right lawyer is very beneficial. As mentioned in the last point, you won’t be alone with a lawyer involved and that will relieve a lot of stress. It is important, to me at least, to know that the lawyer I hire is understanding and empathetic.

  • Ethel says:

    “You won’t be alone in the divorce process”. I really like that section of your post, I thought it was very interesting. No one wants go through that alone, a lawyer can be someone on your side that can really pull for you. Thanks for the information on the benefits of a family law attorney.

  • Nick Mallory says:

    I’ve never thought about hiring a lawyer to help me avoid litigation- that’s a good suggestion, thanks. I don’t think that anyone wants to go to court during a divorce, so anyone who can help me to resolve disputes before that is someone I want on my side. Thanks for the post.

  • Cohen Jacobson says:

    Thanks for the helpful information. I just want this whole divorce over with. I still, however, want to stay on good terms with my ex and these tips can help maintain yet a good relationship with her. Thanks for the article.

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