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If you are no longer able to amicably make decisions about your child with your former spouse/partner, it might be time to try out “parallel parenting.” Instead of each parent sharing the decision-making for their child in every respect as in a traditional joint custody arrangement, in a parallel parenting regime, parents assume full decision-making responsibility for different domains. For example, one parent will be solely responsible for all medical and religious decisions concerning the child, while the other parent is solely responsible for all decisions concerning the child’s education and extra-curricular activities. more

Lawyers and clients don’t always agree. A point of contention often arises when trying to devise a strategy. Family law does indeed impact the client’s life considerably, but the lawyer is the one with the expertise. So, what do you do if you do not agree with your family lawyer? more

Children are highly intuitive and perceptive beings, and therefore extra-marital affairs can be harmful even if the child is not told about them. Changes in parents’ behavior can be unsettling to children, and affairs take the straying spouse’s time and attention away from the family unit, thereby depriving the child. more

Tying the knot a second time can feel different than the first – you are older, wiser, more cautious. You probably have a better idea of what it takes to make a marriage work, and how much work marriage can really be! If you are getting married again, here are some ways that things will be different the second time around. more

Co-parenting is not always easy. Here are some online resources to help you with the transition: more

As with many things in law, the answer is “it depends.”  more

If you or your child are experiencing abuse from your spouse, this might impact the court’s decision when determining the custody of your children. However, every case is different and the specific facts must be considered.

Section 24 of the Children’s Law Reform Act states that any determination with regards to custody and access will be based on the best interests of the child.  more

You do not have to go through family troubles on your own. Having a family lawyer assist you with your family matter can help you get through this difficult time more smoothly. However, when seeking help from a family lawyer, there may be times when you are hesitant to follow their instructions. This may complicate matters and impact your family law proceeding.  more

You should rewrite your will after separation.

You might think that you should rewrite your will after divorce, but it is important to be proactive and ensure that your assets are in order well before you finally receive that divorce order.


The basic rule regarding the deduction of legal fees is that you can deduct attorney’s fees you pay to produce or collect taxable income, or help determine, collect, or obtain a refund of any tax. more