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The basic rule regarding the deduction of legal fees is that you can deduct attorney’s fees you pay to produce or collect taxable income, or help determine, collect, or obtain a refund of any tax. more

A topic that often comes up with clients is how mental health can impact a divorce proceeding. Depending on the mental health issue involved, this can complicate how issues such as child custody and spousal support are resolved. This can make it difficult for both parents to reach amicable agreements. It is best to work with experienced family lawyers to help you navigate the court process as smoothly as possible. more

Allowing children to have the opportunity to spend quality time with both of their parents will enrich their lives. This will also enrich the lives of their parents. Strict schedules without any flexibility can make it difficult for parents to see their children, especially if they have a demanding work schedule. It is important for former spouses to be cognizant and accommodating of this. more

Family Courts do not have the jurisdiction to address the issue of pets and do not seem interested in spending resources to do so. The Family Court system will therefore not entertain arguments regarding custody or access arrangements for pets, nor will the Courts entertain requests for the payment of expenses associated with a pet’s care, regardless of how costly they may be. Additionally, the courts will not make orders for the sale of a pet so that parties can share in the division of the sale proceeds as with other assets owned by separating couples. more

The breakdown of your marriage is a very personal and delicate matter, and weighing the announcement of an impending divorce may be stressful. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you want to share the details about your upcoming divorce with your closest friends. more

Can cyber-cheating be considered adultery in Canada? The short answer is no; cyber-cheating does not legally qualify as adultery in Canada. more

Speak no evil

Do not speak ill of your spouse to your children, and don’t put them down in front of the kids. You may feel that your ex ruined your life, took advantage of you, is the worst person in the world. However, this is the mother or father of your child, and your ex is a part of them. Saying unpleasant things about your ex is like saying unpleasant things about your kids, and can make them feel put in the middle of your disagreements. In fact, if you can find an opportunity to point out some of your ex’s positive attributes, this can have the opposite effect. Complimenting your ex is really complimenting your children – they got some good traits from both parents, and reminding them of that will make them feel good. more

The sunk cost fallacy

In psychology, this concept is also referred to as the “sunk cost effect.” The premise behind this theory is that humans are innately a risk averse species. We would rather continue investing in an option we have already begun investing in, than stop while we are behind. In other words, when the option we have picked is not the best one, or even a good one, we will continue to expend resources in pursuit of a pay-off rather than go another route that we have yet to try. Silly right? Well, we come by it honestly – evolution has rewarded this kind of behavior. Organisms that favoured avoiding risks over maximizing rewards survived long enough to pass on their genetic material. more


Access, also known as “visitation” or “parenting time”, refers to the time a parent spends with a child they do not usually live with.

Case Conference

A case conference is a meeting in the courthouse between you, a judge, your partner, and your spouse’s lawyer if they have one. The purpose of a case conference is to spot out any issues that need to be resolved in your family matter, identify what information you and your partner still need to share with each other, and try to find ways that you can solve your issues without going to trial. more

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you need to start figuring out what gifts to purchase for your children. However, this may be hard to focus on if you are having trouble in paradise. Court proceedings tend to cast a grey cloud over what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. This is especially the case if it involves a divorce proceeding and child custody battle. While you may not be focusing on what to give your children this holiday season, perhaps it’s time that you start. Yes, they will appreciate that shiny new toy that all of their friends have, but what would they appreciate more than anything in this world – more than anything money can buy? That is, the cooperation and harmony of their mother and father. more