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Coaching Services


Coaching Services We Can Provide

  • Preparation for court appearances
    • conferences
    • motions
    • trials
  • Preparation for Mediation
  • Telephone and video consultations

Before attending any scheduled court appearance, such as a conference, motion or trial, you should have a plan detailing what you want to present to the court, including what relief you are asking the court to provide. Your arguments must be concise, based in legal principle and truthful. Courts are only interested in facts that are pertinent to your case.

We can provide you with coaching services before your court appearance, and advise you as to which position to take, what relief to seek, and how to best present your arguments. We can also advise you as to relevant filing deadlines and proper court procedure. As a self-represented party, you will have to familiarize yourself with the Family Law Rules, and you will be held to the same standards as a lawyer would be. Court staff cannot provide legal advice. A lawyer can help you with this preparation.

We can provide similar coaching services before a mediation. If you are attending mediation on your own, we will help you identify what might be a fair compromise with your spouse, and what potential issues and pitfalls to be aware of. With our advice, you will be more able to reach a fair settlement with your spouse outside of court.