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Division of Property and Assets Forms

If you are applying for equalization of family property as part of your divorce proceeding, you will include this either in your Application (Form 8) for divorce, if you are the Applicant, or in your Answer (Form 10), if the other party has initiated divorce proceedings, but you want to add a claim for property equalization. You will also be required to complete a Form 13.1: Financial Statement.

For more information on filling out these forms, please see How to Get a Divorce.

If you are applying to have property equalized and are not also pursuing a divorce at this time, you will use the same forms, and can follow the same instructions, as given in How to Get a Divorce. You will simply omit any information specific to parties seeking a divorce.

Note that only the Unified Family Courts or Superior Court of Justice has jurisdiction to hear your property matter, regardless of whether or not you are applying for equalization as part of a divorce proceeding, or separately. You cannot file your equalization claim in the Ontario Court of Justice.