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Services Overview

Now that you have looked at the legal information in our Family Law Help Centre, you should feel more informed of your legal rights and responsibilities, and have a better sense of what level of assistance you require. If you are now ready to proceed with your family law matter, it is time to decide what kind of legal services are best for you.

Consider the following options in light of the complexity of your matter and your own needs and resources.

Comprehensive Family Law Legal Services

Comprehensive legal service includes full support from beginning to end of a matrimonial matter. If we at Feldstein Family Law Group are retained to act comprehensively, we will be your advocates and your lawyer will be the solicitor of record. A solicitor or lawyer of record is responsible for representing you in court and for all communication regarding your matrimonial matter. The lawyer’s name will be listed as your legal representative on all applicable court forms, and all correspondence will be directed to the lawyer, who will then consult with you.

Your lawyer will manage all aspects of your case, from corresponding with opposing counsel to court appearances (which you will attend with your lawyer). Your lawyer will keep you informed of all developments in your case and will always consult with you before proceeding. You can rest assured that we are keeping on top of all new developments.

Using a comprehensive approach decreases your burden significantly. You can be confident in the level of professionalism we adhere to at the Feldstein Family Law Group.

Unbundled Family Law Legal Services

If the costs associated with comprehensive legal service are prohibitive, we offer individual, “unbundled” services designed to support you with what you need, when you need it. Below is a list of the unbundled services we offer self-represented parties. Click on the links for more information about each service.

Family Law Legal Advice

Legal Opinions

Providing a legal opinion regarding a matrimonial matter, and/or providing ongoing consultation services.


Family Law Legal Research

Legal Research

If you are representing yourself in court, consider using the Feldstein Family Law Group to conduct legal research on your behalf.


Family Law - Drafting Services

Drafting Services

Drafting legal documents and correspondence.


Family Law Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Preparing you for examinations, mediation, settlement conferences and or/trial.


Family Law Representation in Court, Mediation or Arbitration


Representing You in Court, or at a Mediation or Arbitration.


If you select the unbundled option for your legal services, your lawyer cannot be your solicitor of record.  Instead, your lawyer will act as your agent. A lawyer acting in the capacity of an agent is an advisor. Agents can provide legal advice and representation; however, they will not be in receipt of any correspondence regarding your matter. Instead, court documents and correspondence from opposing counsel will be sent to you directly, allowing you to work with a lawyer as needed.

Using a lawyer as an agent can reduce the fees associated with documentation and correspondence, and allow you to do much of the work associated with your matter on your own, when you feel comfortable doing so. This particular service is best utilized by parties with an understanding of family law and the Family Law Rules, or willing to devote time to gaining such understanding. The unbundled approach requires the client to do more work on their own behalf, and as the client you are ultimately responsible for your own matter.