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Form 15C: Consent Motion to Change

Use this form if both parents agree to modify an existing order or agreement. Both parties must sign this document when consenting to a variation.

This form is used to outline the agreed upon custody/access arrangements (for example, from a sole custody arrangement to joint custody). You may also use this form to modify existing child and spousal support orders (for example, if either order is to be terminated).

In completing the form, ensure that the Applicant and Respondent names are the same as those on the court order or agreement you wish to vary. You must also include a copy of the order or agreement you wish to modify.

The Consent Motion to Change allows parties to forfeit the filing of financial statements. It is recommended that you seek legal advice before agreeing to any waiver of financial disclosure; particularly in circumstances surrounding child and spousal support payments.

By signing form 15C you are confirming that you are aware of your right to legal counsel and that you understand that court orders are enforceable. Your signature must be witnessed by someone other than a party to the motion.