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Separation. Divorce. Child Custody and Access. Child Support. Spousal Support. Division of Property and Assets.

Guidelines & Acts

Use the links below to learn more about your legal rights and obligations. There is legislation governing family law at both the federal and provincial levels of government.

The Divorce Act

The Divorce Act is legislation applicable to all of Canada. This act governs: marriages and divorces, marriage validity, grounds for divorce, and corollary relief for divorcing spouses.

Ontario’s Marriage Act

Ontario’s Marriage Act governs the formalities associated with a valid marriage including solemnization and licensing.

Ontario’s Family Law Act

Ontario’s Family Law Act governs division of property, support for unmarried spouses (or spouses not pursuing a divorce) and contracts including marriage and separation agreements.

Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act

Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act governs issues surrounding custody and access.

Family Law Rules

The Family Law Rules are the provincial rules governing family law court procedures.

Child Support Guidelines

The Child Support Guidelines are Canadian legislation. They provide specific table amounts of child support for each province and territory.

Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are Canadian legislation with specific table values for each province and territory. Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines calculator, which calculates potential support obligations: