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Legal Opinions


A lawyer who practises exclusively in matrimonial matters can help you resolve your conflicts efficiently, allowing you to move forward as soon as possible. When we act on a limited retainer we may assess your case and educate you about your legal position, rights and responsibilities. While no one can guarantee a particular outcome, investing in a legal opinion and devising a strategy before heading to court makes good financial sense.

We are able to advise clients on all family law issues including separation, divorce, support, property division, custody and access. When formulating a legal opinion, the lawyer will collect information about the relationship, financial circumstances, and information about your children (where applicable). This information is necessary in order to provide sound legal advice. All information shared by clients is held in strict confidence. Having open and honest discussions will help your lawyer to support your goals and achieve the best possible resolution to your matter.

After your initial consultation, you can choose to come in intermittently to meet with one of our lawyers for ongoing legal advice. For example, some clients after their initial consultation will decide to come in at regular intervals, for example once a month, to consult their lawyer regarding the developments in their case during that time, and to receive a further legal opinion on those developments.

Why Getting A Legal Opinion Makes Sense

Investing in a legal opinion and devising a strategy before heading to court makes good financial sense, especially if you are representing yourself.