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Legal Research

Family law legal research services

If you have opted to represent yourself in court, consider using the Feldstein Family Law Group to conduct legal research on your behalf. In addition to arming you with the legal precedents applicable to your matter, an experienced family law lawyer can analyze the validity of case law relied upon by the opposing party.

Larger family law firms (including ours) use paid subscriptions to law databases to conduct legal research. These databases are not available to the public. Our research capabilities allow us to locate precedential cases along with judicial treatment, including those from foreign jurisdictions.

As a firm that supports student learning, the Feldstein Family Law Group employs articling and law students, all of whom are well versed in researching case law. If costs are a concern, consider having your research conducted by a newer member of our team.

Advantages To Having Us Do Your Research

  • We can analyze the validity of the case law you are relying upon.
  • We have access to databases that the general public does not.
  • You can control your research costs by selecting the researcher based on experience.