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Minimizing Legal Fees

How We Help You Keep Legal Fees To A Minimum

In addition to offering limited retainers, we have a number of other policies and practices in place that work to keep separation and divorce costs to a minimum for all our clients, whether those clients come to us on a limited retainer basis or for full representation.

First, we all keep careful track of our time, and are mindful of the costs associated with the work we do. Like most law firms, we bill by the hour. But as a larger firm, we have the benefit of a dozen family law lawyers, each with varying ranges of experience and therefore different hourly rates. We can help you select the most appropriate lawyer for your particular circumstances. We can also have a lower-fee, less experienced lawyer perform more process-oriented tasks, while still having a more senior lawyer lend their knowledge and expertise to your case. This gives you the benefit of great experience, without all the cost. All the lawyers in our firm share insights and knowledge with one another, and can seek advice from more seasoned lawyers in regular staff meetings and lawyers’ meetings.

Second, we are aware of the types of actions that can cause additional delay and expense, and we can help you steer clear of them. The family law system is overburdened and filled with delays, many of which are outside the control of lawyers or clients. But clients and their counsel can contribute to these delays when they become adversarial, seek to punish one another, take unreasonable positions, delay unnecessarily, or fail to comply with the rules of the court.

Third, like most family lawyers, we also try to keep conflict to a minimum. We don’t want to go to trial any more than you do. Many of our lawyers have worked extensively with alternative methods of dispute resolution, and will use their experience to help you settle your case as quickly as possible.

I personally have a wealth of experience in resolving complex family law issues outside the courtroom. I am certified to act as a mediator and as an arbitrator, and I was recently appointed as a Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO), as part of the Dispute Resolution Officer Pilot Project in the Newmarket court. In my capacity as DRO, I help parties to focus their issues and resolve matters out of court on a regular basis.

Several other members of Feldstein Family Law Group are also trained in collaborative law, a four-way mediation process in which parties and their lawyers work collaboratively to reach solutions that are agreeable to all parties involved.

For our clients who are determined to go to trial, or whose cases absolutely cannot be resolved, we are upfront about the huge costs associated with fighting it out in the courts.

Through all of these measures, the lawyers at Feldstein Family Law Group can work with you to ensure your matter is resolved as quickly as possible, and with minimal expense.