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Unbundled Legal Services

Access to Justice

Andrew-FeldsteinAt Feldstein Family Law Group, we seek to make family law as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer the option of unbundled legal services. We believe that no one should have to go through their separation or divorce without any form of legal assistance.

Without the benefit of any of the skills or knowledge of a family law lawyer, your case can drag on unnecessarily, causing needless harm to you and your children. You may also fall victim to a power imbalance and find yourself bound to a situation you may later regret. Or you and your spouse may agree on matters, but without legal advice you may find that your separation agreement will not be enforced by the court. All of these problems only increase costs and delay.

How does unbundling of legal services work?

A lawyer can help you ensure your position is reasonable and your claims are well formulated, helping bring about a quicker and final resolution. While comprehensive legal services are the ideal, we know that the cost of full representation can be prohibitive for many people. Therefore, we are committed to helping you with whatever services we can, on a limited retainer basis.

As its name indicates, a limited retainer authorizes us to act on your behalf, but only in certain limited instances. This is also known as the “unbundling” of legal services. You specify in the retainer meeting what work you would like us to perform, and you narrow our role to those matters you feel require our help. For example, we could draft the materials for your case or settlement conference, or prepare you for your court appearance, but not attend on your behalf.

A limited retainer gives you more control over your case and the cost associated with it, and allows you to save costs on those parts you can do yourself. Clients can do a considerable amount of work themselves if they are willing to invest time in research and how to complete paperwork.